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Sample Letters/Emails to Our NJ Legislators 

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I am a resident of NJ and I vote in all local and national elections.  I would like to register my strong opposition to the massive off-shore wind-turbine project that Atlantic Shores Offshore Wind is proposing to build along the coastline of LBI - 357 turbines at 15 MW each totaling 5355 MW from Holgate to Barnegat Light.
fI allowed to proceed, the project, officially known as OCS-A-0499 and OCS-A 0549, would have direct, devastating consequences for LBI and the entire Jersey Shore community. The proposed field of 357 wind turbines, each three times the height of the Statue of Liberty, would be the closest to shore of any large modern offshore wind project and create an industrial "wall" of turbines that would be easily visible from any point along the LBI coastline and inland. In addition to the visual blight, building and maintaining the vast array of turbines and the electrical substations they feed would do irreparable harm to marine life and fragile ecosystems, commercial and recreational boating and fishing, tourism and the local economy, housing values, and more. While turbines may provide renewable energy, they are not environmentally friendly and, as admitted in the Atlantic Shores Environmental Impact Statement, these projects wil not make a measurable impact on global climate change.  I am requesting that you do not support any future legistlation that advances these or any addition all projects and that you actively pursue a moratorium on the Atlantic Shores as a whole until all environmental and economic issues listed in the EIS and COP and those voiced by the public can be satisfactorily resolved.  That will get my support and my vote.  


Let’s Work Together to Speak to our State Legislators and Deliver Strong Opposition to Offshore Wind!  

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