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About Us

Our group grew out of the Hands Across the Beach event held up and down the Jersey Shore in August of this year (2023).  Melinda Dee and Jean Birdsall teamed up (with the aid of our husbands, John Nistad and Bob Birdsall) to create the event for Barnegat Light.  The Mayor and Town Council supported the event by suspending some parking ordinances and working with the lifeguards.  We found so much interest in protesting the wind farms that we had a line of hands across the 30th street beach of 100 people.   After that interested friends and neighbors joined us for a weekly meeting and then we were off and running!

Not Clean Not Green is a group of concerned citizens of New Jersey who want you to know that Offshore Wind is not a clean energy.  It also does nothing to benefit the reduction of global warning.  It is not only not a clean energy, it promotes destruction of our natural resources and marine and bird life.  Stay with us as we post the latest news about wind energy and its little known destrucive story.  

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