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Wind Headlines

2024 New Report: Economic Losses to LBI

Linda Bonvie, an environmental journalist based in Tuckerton, says offshore wind development has become a truly partisan issue, with supporters steadfastly refusing to acknowledge any risk of what may be one of the greatest ecological unknowns into which we’ve ever planned to dive headfirst.
From IEEE Spectrum
"The whole point of these wind turbines is to stop Global warming, yet a new study from Harvard concluded that warming continental temperatures could ensue from widespread wind energy, primarily through enhancement of low-level atmospheric mixing and interruption of radiative nighttime cooling. This net localized effect was quantified in 10 other studies."
All along the Eastern Seaboard, concerns about industrial wind turbines continue to grow. There are better ways to generate clean, reliable, less costly power.

** In 2019, the Garden State awarded the largest single offshore wind project in the country to Ørsted’s 1.1 GW Ocean Wind project which the developer canceled in 2023 due to additional supplier delays impacting the project schedule. There was much media fanfare about this cancelation which, unfortuately, led many people to think that all offshore wind for NJ had been canceled.  Nothing can be further from the truth. The Atlantic Shores projects have NOT been canceled. Governor Murphy has fast-tracked these projects in spite of the many protests and lawsuits by public groups.

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Please help by donating to Save.LBI.  Your donation helps us to continue to educate the public and to submit legal challenges to to the state of NJ as well as NOAA and BOEM.
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